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 Metchosin Soap Works

Our story begins in a small farm house in rural Metchosin on an organic farm. 


Two family members were diagnosed with Cancer and that's when our story began. 


We started looking at the things that we did daily and one of them was using soap to shower and wash our hands.  We were alarmed to find out that the very well known commercial brands that we used and trusted were full of parabens and phthalates that cause cancer growth.  We threw it all in the garbage and started creating our own handcrafted products that we could trust. 


After researching many different oils, we decided on using Olive Oil instead of Palm Oil, Palm Oil is the most common oil used in soap making.  Although Olive Oil is much higher in price than Palm, we wanted to match our soap making to our farming practices by only using oils that were good for the earth and to give our customers a superior product. 


We tested our soap and bath products on family and friends and they just loved them.  Soon we started selling our products to small gift shops and then into grocery stores. The feedback from our customers was extremely positive.  We had customers that told us that they would never use any other soap than our Olive Oil Soap, that it literally changed their lives.  We had customers driving down from Comox to Victoria just to buy our soap as they said it was the only soap that cleared up their eczema and psoriasis.


Our soap company has over 25 different varieties of soap, some varieties change out seasonally. The super rich creamy lather and how our soap moisturizes the skin sets us apart from any other handcrafted soap



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