Our Story


Vancouver Island Soap Works


We are located in the heart of rural Metchosin, a small farming community in Greater Victoria. 


We have been organic farming in Metchosin for over 17 years.  Keeping it local is very important to us and protecting our environment is one of number one concerns. 


Our soap is vegetable based with no animal products, we use local plant material and natural clays, ingredients that are good for you and the environment. Our product is 100% biodegradable including our packaging.  We use recycled material for our minimalist packaging and reclaimed wood for our displays.

We have chosen to be a 100% Palm FREE Soap company because we care about the impact we have on our planet. We are an Olive Oil Soap Company, producing a superior high quality Olive Oil soap, (the Mediterranean Super Moisturizer). Olive Oil Soap (Castile) is the mildest soap that you can use.  We DO NOT use Pomace olive oil that is only 5% Olive Oil, we use high quality Olive Oil, full of micronutrients and vitamins for your skin.  You will feel a huge difference once you switch over to our soap. Your skin will feel super clean and healthy, friends will comment about your healthy glow.  You can also throw away your hand and face cream, our soap will moisturize your skin everyday.  We have over 45 difference soap bars, something for everyone.      


Help us keep our planet healthy by switching to our locally made Olive Oil Soap, together we can keep our planet clean.  Your skin will thank-you!



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